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Calcium Nitrite

Ⅰ. Technical properties:

Molecular formular: Ca(NO2)2; Molecular weight: 132.1; Specification: industrial grade; Appearance: white or straw yellow powder; Characteristics: easily deliquesce; Relative density: 2.23; Standard: PRC Chemical Standard HG/T3595-1999

Grade A
Qualified Product
Water content ≤
Insoluble matter in water ≤

Enterprise standard: Best Quality Ca(NO2)2 (base on dry)≥94%; Extra Best Quality Ca(NO2)2 (base on dry)≥95%; Water content ≤1.0%; In soluble matter in water ≤0.5%

Ⅱ. Use & application method

1. Use 1)Produce concrete antifreezer: calcium nitrite has high solubility, so can be made into solution or powder as demands. Using this antifreezer at negative temperature can promote the hydration of minerals in cement, and the freezing point of operative temperature can be reduced to -20οC. 2)Produce steel rust inhibitor: calcium nitrite can purify steel and protect it from rust, and can protect steel material in concrete buildings and structures from rust, to extend the useful life of concrete buildings. 3)Produce concrete coagulator: calcium nitrite is free of chlorine and alkali, capable to reduce alkali aggregation of concrete and improve its early strength and compressive resistance. 4)Calcium nitrite can be sued as corrosion inhibitor for lubricating agent. 5)Calcium nitrite can also be used in pharmaceutical, dyes and metallurgy industries, etc.

2. Application method 1)In concrete buildings or structures, calcium nitrite can be made into liquid or powder, or be used directly. 2)It is suggested to use warm water at 30-35οC to solve calcium nitrite, and stir it to accelerate solvation. 3)Calcium nitrite will become loose cakes after long storage or moisturized for its inner packing bag was broken, but its quality will not be affected.

Ⅲ. Packing: Pack in 40kg or 25kg woven bag lined with plastic bag. The neck of each bag should be fastened.

Ⅳ. Attention:
1. It is inorganic oxidant. Don't put it into your mouth.
2. Don't transport it together with organic ammonium salt, acid or cyanide.
3. Prevent it from high temperature. When the temperature is higher than 220οC, it will reduce and decompose into nitrous oxide.
4. During transportation, please protect it from rain and insolation, and protect its package from breakage.
5. The warehouse should be ventilated and dry.

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